Marty Max
Marty Max

Mr. Max has been involved in real estate since 1997 and has participated in acquisitions, ownership and sales of multi-family apartment buildings, mixed use buildings, single family homes, and vacant land. He specializes in acquiring distressed multi-family properties, rehabbing them and either converting them to condominiums or keeping them as affordable apartments with caring and responsible tenants that become a positive influence in their community.

As managing partner of MLC Properties, Mr. Max has acquired and rehabbed hundreds of distressed multi-family apartments to affordable condominiums by practically rebuilding the entire building. A normal conversion would entail extensive construction, including all new plumbing, electric, HVAC, drywall, floors, roofs, masonry, etc... By acting as General Contractor and utilizing his own staff, the construction work was done at a fraction of the cost of would normally be incurred. Under MLC Properties, he owns and manages hundreds of apartment units throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Mr. Max and his staff are located in Rogers Park, where he owns several buildings. They also own and manage buildings in the far south suburb of Flossmoor, the south side of Chatham, as far west as Austin, and as far northwest as Albany Park.

Mr. Max was past President of the Rogers Park Builders Group for six years and is currently Vice President of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. He is on the advisory board to the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Buildings, and was a member of the 49th ward zoning committee. Mr. Max has a general contractor license, is a Illinois licensed realtor and is a certified "lead renovator". He received a bachelors of arts degree and graduated from Northern Illinois University.

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MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT promise its property owners to provide high quality management services thus maximizing the property owner’s cash flow. MLC manages all types of real estate.

Being property owners themselves (see “Our Owner” tab) of several properties throughout the city of Chicago and its suburbs, MLC understands what it takes to own and manage property. MLC’s philosophy is simple “taking care of their tenants” (customers).

A happy and satisfied tenant produces a profitable property. We are very well known as a “hands on company”.

What this means is that our well trained staff is very much involved with the property and its tenants. We stress communication between tenants and management. Our office staff manages the leasing, work orders, work schedules, accounting and over all communication with the tenants.

Our software program is one of the most advanced on the market today. Our very talented field staff manages all the physical aspects of the property.

Our field staff is talented in all trades which keeps the property owners cost down.

Because of our years of experience we can represent the property owners in dealing with the city, inspections/inspectors, building court and administration hearings.

Our knowledge can suggest to the property owner on what capital improvements should be made to the property. MLC is an experienced buyer of distressed property and will work closely as a “receiver” with financial institutions to maintain their property and protecting their asset.

MLC Management Brochure

 Download MLC Management Brochure


Following is a summary of our services; additional information will be supplied upon request:

Property Management

  • Multi-family Residential*
  • Single family Residential
  • Mixed use
  • Commercial

Office and administration


  • Answering all calls and emails about the apartment/space
  • Showing the apartment/space
  • Negotiation the lease term
  • Supplying leases that protect the owner as well as the tenant

Work orders

As tenants call in requests for work to be done in their unit, we record the request and issue a work order to the field and notify the tenant when the work will be completed.


Rent collection

  • Depositing
  • Collections
    1 Notices
    2 Evictions
       a Attorneys
       b Court

Monthly financial reporting to owners

  • Rent roll with summary of income
  • P&L
  • Delinquencies
  • Expenses
    1 Daily maintenance
    2 Renovation/re-model with receipts
  • Payments-out


Negotiate for the best results for the owner


24/7 service

Field Staff

Janitorial and cleaning common areas

  • Hallways
  • Garages
  • Laundry rooms

General Maintenance


  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating

Pest control

Snow removal

Slight landscaping

Preventative maintenance

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