Marty MaxWinter 2020 – 2021 Newsletter

To All MLC Properties and Management Tenants,

I hope this finds all of you well.

2020/2021 As we will be, I am sure that you can’t wait for the year 2020 to end! We are hoping that Covid-19 did not affect you or your families too badly. If it did, our hearts go out for you. This has been an extremely stressful year for all of us. But, we can all see the end of this vicious storm and 2021 has to be better. For those of you who have struggled financially, I hope you reached out to us to work together and get you through this Pandemic.

Although this is already the middle of December and we have had great weather, we know the Cold and snow will be here shortly. Let’s make sure we are all prepared.

  • Please make sure all smoke and Co2 detectors are working. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  • All window A/C units should be removed from your windows. IPH, your A/C’s should be covered. If you don’t have a cover, please call the office.
  • All porches, balconies and decks should be cleared and empty. This is a city code as well as our rule. All items left on the porches and balconies after December 28th will disposed of, there will be no exceptions.
  • Again, we are asking you to pick up after you dog. Our staff WILL NOT pick up after your dog.
  • trash pandaPlease do not leave garbage on the porches or the decks as you know this will attract critters that you don’t want. IPH, please make sure after the garbage is picked up you return your cans. They should not be left on the street.
  • For those who have outside parking, we ask that your cars be removed by 8am so we can plow. Please do not leave your car running with the keys in them. There has been an awful amount of car thefts.
  • The heat is on. Those of you who have radiators we are asking you to keep an eye on any leaks. For those of you who have furnaces, please make sure you change your filters. We will be more than happy to supply you the filter.
  • All bikes should be put in the basements of either the building or you unit. If you don’t know where, call the office.
  • We try our hardest to clear the porches of snow and ice. However, depending on how much or how fast we get the cold and snow it can be impossible to get the porches clear enough to be safe. Please, DO NOT use the back porches if they are snowy or icy.
  • We would like to get away from you calling in work orders. By using your portals there can’t be any miscommunication between you and the office. Please use your portals. If you need help , we can walk you through and show you how easy it 2020 21
  • Because of Covid19 many of you have been working from home. We appreciate that all of you have been considerate of this and have kept the noise level during the day at a minimum. You have all signed a lease that does NOT allow smoking of anything. Please be considerate of this as a child or a senior can be your neighbor. Its been a very trying year and we realize that some of you have suffered in more ways than others, we are respectful of this and we can help if the communication is open. We also know that there are many options out there for where you and your family can live. Once again, we want to thank you for choosing MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT, Inc. We also appreciate that some of you realize your living in an older building can sometimes be challenging. Thank you for your understanding.

Here is to A FANTASTIC 2021 ! Free from Covid19 , and full of good health and wealth.

Marty and the entire MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT team

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