Fall/Winter 20221-2023 Newsletter

To All MLC Tenants,

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First let me first apologize for this communication being a little later than normal. With the weather being so nice I just didn’t want to admit winter is coming or here already. I am really hoping that this finds you and your family well. We are all trying to get back to some normalcy and when we think we are almost there, this thing called “Covid” comes back. Please, get vaccinated and live your lives!

If you have been a tenant of ours in the past, you know that we use this communication to make suggestions that would make the winter months a little more comfortable for you. Most of you live in older buildings and preparing ahead of time for the cold weather will allow you to enjoy the winter.

  • Please change your batteries in your Smoke and Co2 detectors. There are twice as many fires in the winter than the summer. DO NOT REMOVE THEM, PLEASE!
  • All A/C units should be taken out of your windows or at least covered that NO cold air gets into your apartment.
  • All porches and balconies must be completely cleared of your personal property. You will have until November 30th to do this. If not, we will remove for you.
  • Also, this is a good time remind all of you that we do our best to clear the ice and snow from the back porches but sometimes we just cant keep up. Please, when the porches are snowy and Icy, don’t use them. Use your front door.
  • I know some nights are cold, but please don’t leave your garbage on the back porches.
  • good neighbor clean up dogThose of you who are allowed dogs please pick up after your dog. You will be fined $250 if you don’t. For those buildings that have parking please remove your car by 8am on snow days.
  • The heat is on. Periodically please look at your radiators to make sure there are no leaks. Those of you who have furnaces please change your filters. We will bring you one if you don’t have one.
  • ALL our building are non-smoking buildings. That means NO SMOKING ANYTHING, PERIOD!
  • Holiday season is around the corner, you may want to forward your packages to a different location to limit your exposure of having your packages missing?

You’re all doing a great job in using the portal for your payments, work orders and messages. Keep up the good work. As you know, we will only take work orders from the portal.

Lastly, I am hoping that 2023 is a very good year for all of us. I am hoping that it is a year of niceness, being respectful of others, and less division among us all. I am not sure how we got here but it is time to go back to the basics, respect one another.

The MLC team respects all of you and appreciates you choosing our buildings to be your home. Be great today!

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Marty and the entire MLC team.

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Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Newsletter

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To all MLC Tenants,

I was hoping when I was ready to write this Newsletter that the word Covid wouldn’t have to be mentioned. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So, I am wishing that all of you and your families are doing well and are healthy. I hope you know that we are here to support you in anyway we can, so please reach out if you need our help! We don’t know if we are not informed. As most of you know we use these newsletters as a way to communicate with you and to remind you of what is coming up – which in this case is WINTER!!! Since all of you live in older buildings, we should prepare for the cold weather – so that you and your families can be comfortable and safe. Most of you are familiar with what needs to be done but for those who are new and/or forgot, here you go.

  • Please change the batteries on all smoke and CO2 detectors. If one doesn’t work, please contact us.
  • ALL A/C units should be taken out of the windows. Cold air comes through those units easily. You may also want to put up plastic around the windows to prevent cold drafts.
  • All porches and personal balconies must be cleared of personal property; this means completely empty. You may ask "why our personal balcony?" – Because items can ice over and fall from your balcony and hurt someone; also melting snow and ice can cause water damage. If we have a lot of snow and ice, please do not use the back porches! As much as we try, it is hard to keep the porches clear of all the ice.
  • cleanup dogWe know it’s cold and its easy to just let your dog out and let them back in. However, this is not fair to your neighbors or the MLC team. Please, pick up after your dog. Also please do not leave your garbage out on the back porches. This, as you know, will bring rodents which we know the city is having enough trouble with already.
  • For those buildings that have parking, on snow days please have your car removed by 8am so we can plow.
  • The heat is on. Please, please, look at your radiators and if you see any leaks, please contact the office immediately. For those of you who have furnaces, please make sure you change the air filters; this will SAVE you money. They say gas will be up 53% this year.
  • All our buildings are “non-smoking” buildings . This does not mean only tobacco. Please be considerate to your neighbors and remember that we do have children living in your building.
  • We appreciate the respect that you are giving your neighbor knowing that they may be working from home.
    Because of the ongoing situation with packages being stolen throughout the city and suburbs, and the holidays coming up, we recommend to have your packages delivered to your work, a PO Box or a UPS store. This should save you the stress of not receiving you merchandise.

app smart phoneLast year we advised you that we would rather have all of you use your portal for communication, that being work orders, paying your rent, etc. As of the first of the year, we will not take work orders over the phone. We are happy to talk to you but we will advise you to go on the NEW APP, your portal and/or email your repair request. We are trying to have a “DON’T GO BACK” policy on repairs. Having what needs to be done in writing will help us both. We will also actively ask you to rate us so we can use as a source of information with our team.

Lastly, we know it hasn’t been easy and we realize there are a lot of options out there for you. We are here to help you and we appreciate you choosing our buildings to be your home.

Be safe and more important stay healthy everyone!

The MLC Team

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Fall 2021 Newsletter • Ivy Park Homes

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To all IVY PARK Tenants,

Hello and welcome officially to the fall season! We hope everyone is doing well and that your families are happy, healthy, and ready for this holiday season. First off, we wanted to say THANK YOU for the strides that this property has taken since the last letter has been sent out. While we all know that there is still work to be done, there are a lot of Ivy Park tenants that have chosen to be part of the solution and not the problem. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we hope that more people follow your lead. Let us all continue to work to make IVY Park Homes a place that we can be proud to call our home. Below are a couple of reminders for this fall season:

Furnaces – TRY YOUR HEAT NOW! Do not wait until it is 20 degrees below zero. We are actively servicing furnaces but we want to be ahead of the game. We can only get to so many furnaces a day so making sure your filters are clean and everything is working property now is very important.

dog poopAC Covers – We will be proactively putting on AC covers. Please call the office if yours have not been covered. We WILL NOT be removing AC’s unless you are vacating the unit.
Smoke Detectors – Please make sure to check all batteries. A good tip is to check them every time the time changes (November 7th.)

Dogs- Please continue to report dogs that you see not on leashes or being cleaned up after. We have taken steps with several of our tenants violating this and we know that it has made a difference. For those of you that have a permitted dog, please clean up after them. We know that it will be getting cold, but cleaning up after your animal is not a request, it is MANDATORY. Also, dogs that are not on the lease will cause its owners to be charged $250 per your lease.

Towing Cars – Any cars that do not have active license plates/license plate stickers will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Ivy Park Homes Parking Stickers – Do you have yours? Ivy Park stickers will be given by the office (one per adult on the lease). Please contact us for more information.

app smart phoneGarbage – By now you have noticed the new dumpsters around the premises and how much cleaner it looks. Please make sure everything goes in those dumpsters. We are working to build platforms and corrals to make the property cleaner. Again, please do your part.

Rent – Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th. Pease ask us how to use the App or pay online. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.
Finally, remember that we are here to help and communication is key. We know that there has been change, but we believe it will be for the better. Have a happy and safe holiday.

Ivy Park Staff

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